As a designer in theatre, I enjoy the element of play, and believe a performance should be just as interactive for the audience as it is for the performers. In my work I like to look at space, how it changes in a performance, how it effects a performance and try to incorporate it into the narrative as much as possible.

I am a hardcore puppetry and mask enthusiast. I have worked for theatre companies such as 'Pointed Arrow' and 'Hope Street Limited', as well as TV 'BBC Horizon' and most recently Music Videos. I like to experiment with different styles of puppetry, also fusing styles together. Most of my work is made from recycled materials as I think it gives a fantastic old haggard dimension to the work.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Liverpool Lantern Day 6: Rehearsal Day!

So today I've been going through the different things which I will be doing tomorrow for the big show! I was able to practice a bit of face painting. This is for the Fish Hearder Woman! I really like the idea of using stencils. To make this effect, we simply used some of the metal craft stuff as a stencil. Exciting stuff!

This is one of the other giant puppets. A heron. I was really interested by this unfortunately I didn't get a video, but it's movement was really realistic. The next is made from tube insulators and foam disks. So simple and yet so effective!

Here is the main giant puppet, all put together for the first time! I'm going to be the left leg in the performance! wahooo!

This is a close up of the skeleton puppet. It was made for a previous years parade, but it is coming out again! I am fascinated by joints, an old indoor hockey ball, which acts as a ball and socket joint. I especially like this type of ball as there are many places that you can join the skeleton to, and it has an awesome jiggle when the puppet moves!

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