As a designer in theatre, I enjoy the element of play, and believe a performance should be just as interactive for the audience as it is for the performers. In my work I like to look at space, how it changes in a performance, how it effects a performance and try to incorporate it into the narrative as much as possible.

I am a hardcore puppetry and mask enthusiast. I have worked for theatre companies such as 'Pointed Arrow' and 'Hope Street Limited', as well as TV 'BBC Horizon' and most recently Music Videos. I like to experiment with different styles of puppetry, also fusing styles together. Most of my work is made from recycled materials as I think it gives a fantastic old haggard dimension to the work.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Lost Games of Liverpool

I've been really quiet recently as I've been working in Liverpool. I was selected by Hope Street Limited to participate as a designer for the Emerging Artists Programme they run every two years. Unfortunately I had to turn this opportunity down, due to long and boring reasons. Anyway, they liked me so much, they asked for me to work with them on one or two projects. 

So one of those projects was The Lost Games of Liverpool which took part during the Hope Street Feast Festival on 16th September. This meant my work was seen by around 30 THOUSAND PEOPLE! 

The Women's Bobsleigh Team

The street performance was based around a mythical 1920's 'Highland' style games which took place in the heart of Liverpool. 

Bernadette's Costume, A girl who stalks famous Sports Stars and steals collectable objects.

'Fanny' The Mad Scientist's Assistant. The Inspiration for her costume was from 1920's magicians assistants.

Sam Shock, A retired successful athlete.

Us at . . . Probably 10 am after being there since 6 setting up the Juice Bar. Smiley coffee faces.

Fanny and the Mad Scientist. 

The Opening Ceremony Parade. All the performers filled the streets.

The Nutritional Drinks Tent, Aptly named 'Athlete's Apothecary, Home to the Toxeth Tonic'. The idea behind this tent was an old fashioned 'Juice Bar'. Back in the 1920's they were still experimenting with vitamins, ph levels, and didn't really understand the consequences of some of these things. The stall was filled with many bottles of interesting ingredients, which would in turn be mixed together to create all sorts of concoctions to enhance strength, endurance and speed.

There was 1920's music coming from the old radio, different herbs which created a fantastic smell within the stall, and all sorts of fun squishy things for the performers to play with. This became a great interactive tent by involving all members of the audience by challenging them to different tests and seeing if they improved after they have taken the tonic.

This was a fantastic project to work on and although it was possibly the longest day ever, it was great!
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