As a designer in theatre, I enjoy the element of play, and believe a performance should be just as interactive for the audience as it is for the performers. In my work I like to look at space, how it changes in a performance, how it effects a performance and try to incorporate it into the narrative as much as possible.

I am a hardcore puppetry and mask enthusiast. I have worked for theatre companies such as 'Pointed Arrow' and 'Hope Street Limited', as well as TV 'BBC Horizon' and most recently Music Videos. I like to experiment with different styles of puppetry, also fusing styles together. Most of my work is made from recycled materials as I think it gives a fantastic old haggard dimension to the work.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Hansel and Gretel Research Weekend!

On the 8th and 9th of December, a potential new theatre company (PROJECT THUNDER BUCKET) met for the first time. We were exploring the ideas behind the story Hansel and Gretel and discussing the design ideas I have already had for this project.

We spent the weekend developing ideas and concepts, trying things out to see if they were even possible and just generally just having a good play. 

Here are some images from the weekend of puppets that were made, games being played and projections taking over our brains.

We have all agreed that we will meet once a week in the new year to continue this experiment and develop a performance which we will then be able to tour. I am personally really excited about this new adventure which we are all taking together and hoping everything goes to plan!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

More Portfolio Things!

After a long day in the workshop I have finally finished some more portfolio drawings. 
Now I just need to take some Professional Photo's of my work and I'll be ready to rock and roll with my new portfolio in hand!

New work can start soon horray!

I Am The One

I've just realised!

I never added a link to the final video of I Am The One!
So here it is!!

Just go to the Gallery, and Videos!
It's right there, you can't miss it!

Friday, 9 November 2012

I See Me!

I have been asked to make another music video!

I'm very excited about it.

My initial idea was to have a Lotte Reiniger style animation video, but after coming up with interesting drawings and colours, I have decided for it to look more like her later work with colour.

Here's a sneaky peek at the storyboard and my drawings so far.

The idea is we follow the character around the city and she meets a dog and a few strangers on the way. She discovers they all look the same and are made from cogs and machinery. 
This frightens her so she runs away. Eventually she realises she is also made from cogs, but a different model! dun dun dunnnnnn

As with all of my work being made from recycled and found objects, I thought it would be really good to have the 'world' made from cardboard. This also creates a simple solution to recording the film as the parts can be used over again in different orders.

Here are a few ideas of how the strangers will look. Their eyes are made from camer lenses, similar to that from the film '9'.

Portfolio Idea

After having a meeting with Angela Chappell from the Arts Council on Monday, I have decided to try and develop my portfolio a little more, and take it in a different direction which I have been doing. This is annoying as I have spent many hours sat designing and making various parts of it, but if it will look better and get me more work, it will be worth it!

. Here are the beginnings of some costume drawings for The Lost Games of Liverpool. I'm going to finish them off today!

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Liverpool Lantern Day 7: Day of Parade!

Today has been really long. We were constantly worried and fearful about the rain! But luckily there was no where near as much rain as forecast, only a slight bit of drizzle! The site was very gloopy, if you stood still for too long, you may have lost your boot! 

Although it was a huge confusing production, with many different companies coming in and participating, it was never as rammed or as confusing as it could have been!

My phone had run out of space by this time so I was unable to take as many photo's as I would have liked. Here are some video's of the projections by Delirium Lumens! They are pretty cool. I'm sorry for the sound quality, it was very loud and I was surrounded by young people being very excited.



For more information on this parade and others look at
Lots of fun for everyone!

Liverpool Lantern Day 6: Rehearsal Day!

So today I've been going through the different things which I will be doing tomorrow for the big show! I was able to practice a bit of face painting. This is for the Fish Hearder Woman! I really like the idea of using stencils. To make this effect, we simply used some of the metal craft stuff as a stencil. Exciting stuff!

This is one of the other giant puppets. A heron. I was really interested by this unfortunately I didn't get a video, but it's movement was really realistic. The next is made from tube insulators and foam disks. So simple and yet so effective!

Here is the main giant puppet, all put together for the first time! I'm going to be the left leg in the performance! wahooo!

This is a close up of the skeleton puppet. It was made for a previous years parade, but it is coming out again! I am fascinated by joints, an old indoor hockey ball, which acts as a ball and socket joint. I especially like this type of ball as there are many places that you can join the skeleton to, and it has an awesome jiggle when the puppet moves!

Liverpool Lantern Day Five!

Not much to report for today.

I spent the morning re-wiring heart lanterns for more batteries. I thought it was quite exciting that I was doing heart surgery. I was also pretending I was defusing a bomb...which wire do I cut?? The red or the green???

I then went to the site on Sefton Park to help unload the vans and vans of stuff. It was a nice day so I didn't mind sitting in the sunshine. It's probably the last few days of sunshine this year. I may as well make the most of it!

Liverpool Lantern Day Four!

Quickly, Before I left on Wednesday, I took some photographs of the puppets Delirium Lumens were going to use in their projections on the main stage. They are made by drawings on paper, scanning them into the computer and editing them, then printing on acetate and laminating them. I've used this method myself, but I never thought of laminating them for more strength! The puppets are joined together by small pieces of plastic string and melting them down. Very exciting stuff!

SO! Thursday, we were really busy Thursday.
We had to complete all four carts ready to be packed up and moved tomorrow. But I was still able to look around and get some information about the different piece's of work.

Here is what it looks like inside the giant puppet's head. I love how detailed it is. There were many drawings of the body and face which went into this piece of work. It's good to see the process of other peoples work to see how they get to their end result. This always inspires me to carry on with the boring research work as, as you can see, it makes a much better piece of work.

This is the wolf puppet. It will be guiding the old lady through her dreams in the performance. What a fun (but heavy) puppet she is!

Here are the gypsy carts, pretty much finished and ready to be packed up in the van! I think we did really well to make them look interesting with the materials we were given. 

I spent the afternoon painting eyeballs on bulbuls. It was really nice and relaxing to just sit and paint all afternoon. I've not done that for AGES! It's surprising I can still paint!  

This picture just makes me laugh. The joints for the puppets head comes out of his mouth. Due to the tape colour choice, I think it looks like he's smoking a cigarette! Naughty Wolf!

Monday, 29 October 2012

Opportunity for Manchester based People!

Is anyone interested in working on a shadow puppetry/projection based performance which I am currently devising and will be ready for next years festivals?

I am looking for all sorts of roles:
Stage manager,
sound guys,
general enthusiasts etc

This will be based in Manchester so as long as you are able to get to and from here with relative ease, send me your E-mail and I will send you more information.


Friday, 26 October 2012

Liverpool Lantern Day Three DELIRIUM LUMENS!!

Today we carried on making our carts, I won't bore you with photographs of the same thing over and over so don't worry about that.

The most exciting part of the day when I was able to worm my way into working with French Surreal Projection Performers Delirium Lumens 

For the actual performance on Sunday I will be playing with a projector to create the backgrounds for the performers. It was really fun working in this way, it is so simple, yet beautiful. It's something that I really want to take into my own work. And no, I'm not going to tell you how it's done as . . , 'it's a secret'


Liverpool Lantern Company Day Two!

We have been told that we are going to be turning these carts into gypsy style carts for Hope Street LTD's EAP Performers. 
As they are dressing as wolves for the performance we decided to continue the theme by adding wolf ears and fur to the top of the carts. They do look highly amusing. We had to use shiny and slightly garish fabrics as the performance is taking place in the dark and we therefore have to make them as reflective as possible for them to be noticed by the public and the performers to see what they are doing!

This is the basic concept for the carts.

I really liked the way that Liverpool Lantern draw on their floor to measure large scale models! This is such a good idea as it would use A LOT of paper if they were to do this with all of their puppets. Go saving the planet!!

AND this is a view of the giant lady hanging from the ceiling! She's going to be carried by at least 5 puppeteers! I'm not yet sure what I'm going to be doing on the day, but it will be ace!

Liverpool Lantern Company!

So I'm volunteering this week with the Liverpool Lantern Company for the Halloween Lantern Festival in Sefton Park on 28th October. Apparently it's one of the biggest performances in Liverpool, and the most fun!

I arrived at the studio not sure this morning, not sure what to expect, but I was greeted with coffee and this giant face!! 

The theme for this years festival is dreams. The parade follows this giant character around the park followed by other lanterns, giant puppets, smaller performances and projections throughout the night.
I decided to take a closer look at the detail for how this puppet was made, here is a photograph, although bad quality, you can see how complicated the design for the puppet is and how much planning and preparation has gone into the making of it. 

I spent most of the day just paper macheing this puppet so that she has a solid based for the lights to shine through. We also decided to play with the costumes which they had on site! This is Alex, another designer.

I took this photo to remind myself of the level of intricacy and detail for the puppet, she has CROWS FEET on her eyes! Any normal person would have just painted that sort of detail on. Not these guys!

If anyone is interested in seeing mine, and many many others work this weekend, head to Sefton Park! You will be entertained

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Lost Games of Liverpool

I've been really quiet recently as I've been working in Liverpool. I was selected by Hope Street Limited to participate as a designer for the Emerging Artists Programme they run every two years. Unfortunately I had to turn this opportunity down, due to long and boring reasons. Anyway, they liked me so much, they asked for me to work with them on one or two projects. 

So one of those projects was The Lost Games of Liverpool which took part during the Hope Street Feast Festival on 16th September. This meant my work was seen by around 30 THOUSAND PEOPLE! 

The Women's Bobsleigh Team

The street performance was based around a mythical 1920's 'Highland' style games which took place in the heart of Liverpool. 

Bernadette's Costume, A girl who stalks famous Sports Stars and steals collectable objects.

'Fanny' The Mad Scientist's Assistant. The Inspiration for her costume was from 1920's magicians assistants.

Sam Shock, A retired successful athlete.

Us at . . . Probably 10 am after being there since 6 setting up the Juice Bar. Smiley coffee faces.

Fanny and the Mad Scientist. 

The Opening Ceremony Parade. All the performers filled the streets.

The Nutritional Drinks Tent, Aptly named 'Athlete's Apothecary, Home to the Toxeth Tonic'. The idea behind this tent was an old fashioned 'Juice Bar'. Back in the 1920's they were still experimenting with vitamins, ph levels, and didn't really understand the consequences of some of these things. The stall was filled with many bottles of interesting ingredients, which would in turn be mixed together to create all sorts of concoctions to enhance strength, endurance and speed.

There was 1920's music coming from the old radio, different herbs which created a fantastic smell within the stall, and all sorts of fun squishy things for the performers to play with. This became a great interactive tent by involving all members of the audience by challenging them to different tests and seeing if they improved after they have taken the tonic.

This was a fantastic project to work on and although it was possibly the longest day ever, it was great!
For more photo's and information about the project go to

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Photographs from the Halifax Arts Festival

I have a lovely friend named Rebecca who has taken some fantastic photographs of my work up in The Halifax Arts Festival.

Even though I was in Devon taking part in Forkbeard Fantasy's Awesome Cool Summer School (absolutely recommend it to anyone who is thinking about going), Rebecca turned up in Halifax and looked after my precious puppets throughout the festival.

Here are some of the great images she has taken of my work and the space.

I had great feedback from this exhibition and it was great to be involved with other great artists work.

Hopefully soon I will be able to get some of my new work into some exhibitions for everyone to see!